Sport, health and fitness have always been incredibly important to me. I started this business to support people on their own fitness journeys - in a way that is completely personalised to individual lifestyles and goals. 


Sport and fitness have always been key pillars in my life. In my youth, I competed in many different sports and martial arts - achieving a 2nd dan black belt in Taekwondo, the highest grade available to junior competitors.  And after graduating with a degree in History, I threw myself into what I thought would be my perfect career; an Officer in the Royal Marines. I dedicated the next year of my life to the gruelling physical and mental assessment processes. However, after completing the recruitment process, I realised it was the planning and implementation of the training that I loved, not the prospect of military life. 


I learnt that you can’t always plan what life throws at you and I wanted to create a business that centred around this - the need for flexible, on-demand fitness that’s still bespoke and personal. The relationship you have with your PT completely shapes your fitness journey and this something that’s so often lost in the online on-demand industry.


Today I train many different clients at all ages and experience levels, helping them to feel healthier and happier - offering personalised training plans, exercise guidance and holistic health advice. My years of experience, sporting history and training for the Royal Marines help me to develop plans that suit the individual. Whether that be with specific sporting targets, general health objectives, or weight management and body recomposition. All delivered through a flexible online format, with continuous 1-2-1 support. 


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